Shipments impacted by COVID-19

If you still didn't receive your shipment it means it was delayed because of coronavirus impact on the logistics industry on the whole world.

We use the quickest shipping service - airmail. Unfortunately, most countries closed borders and cancel hundreds of flights, so the common reason for the delay is that your shipment waiting for the flight.

Your package will be delivered. We are looking up for the situation and hoping that governments will open borders as soon as possible. Because of the dramatically increased amount of sick of coronavirus we can't predict the time when borders will be opened. Your package will be delivered in 5-7 days after flights will be resumed.

We want you get the package as soon as possible. If you can't wait we developed a special line to use Express Shipping (it uses own air transports). You will get the item in 5-14 days for period during quarantine.

We are ready to provide an item for FREE if you made an order previously, but you need to pay express shipping costs ($49).

To get the item for free make order again with gift code COVID19. It will make a 100% discount for ordered items. Just pay express shipping costs.

If you are really unsatisfied with our service, please write us to get a refund. You will get money and package when it will come.

Cozzy Store Team